Run this simple, low cost business from home.

by | Dec 21, 2022

Can you make money in retirement by walking? It’s almost that easy, with Cleanlots.

Learn the easy, simple, honest way to make money in retirement by walking, the same way that Brian Winch does.

For some, the idea of being your own boss and making 6 figures sounds like an absolute pipedream. For Brian Wench, it’s a walk in the park … literally. 

Meet Brian, the owner of Cleanlots, a “niche” litter-pick operation servicing local commercial property management companies. Bragging the title of “America’s most simple business”, they clean an array of parking lots, sidewalks, and other commercial areas using a broom and a special litter scooping tool. 

The beauty of the gig? It’s as easy as your daily walk, except it pays! 

The hours are flexible and can be completed with a full time job, you get freedom to scale at your own pace, AND you get your exercise taken care of effortlessly. 

If you’ve got a passion for the outdoors and love the idea of a side hustle that will pay you for walks you already enjoy, it’s the perfect business.

Read on to find out how Brian grew his company from a humble side hustle to a successful 6 figure institution going on 40+ years of service.

 Brian is walking through a parking lot collecting litter with a tool and a rubbish bag in hand.

How Brian discovered a goldmine that allowed him to make money by walking

Cleanlots was inspired by Brian’s dad, a janitor with various side hustles – one of which was cleaning parking lots before work. He took Brian along a couple of times and together, they walked and swept up litter with their collection tools. When they were done, they emptied it into a waste bin on site. As simple as that – walk, sweep, repeat. There wasn’t even that much litter to pick up because his father maintained it so well.

Two men are walking beside each other, facing away from the camera. One is older.

At the time, 21-year-old Brian was at a fork in the road. He was working a dead end job and worried he didn’t have the capital, education or skills to create the life he desired. Then, he quite literally stumbled across his dream.

On their walks together, Brian tapped into a special passion, realizing that he could make money just by doing what he already loved. And even better yet, it was the perfect business model: low cost, able to be done at home with no overheads, helping the environment, and completely out of work hours so he could start it with his current job. 

And start it he did. When he was just beginning, his father passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack at 61. This only strengthened Brian’s resolve – he wanted to carry on his legacy and build a business that truly honored him. 

At first, it was just one park. Then one became fifteen. By the time six months had passed, Brian was able to quit his full-time job and five it his sole focus. From there, the operation kept scaling until it was amassing $650,000-$750,000 a year, just from cleaning litter in parking lots. 

Although it was born from little money, skills or education – Brian’s “3 Ps” of passion, patience and persistence managed to pay off.

The simple, speedy way you can get your business up and running and make money by walking

After more than 40 years of success, Brian decided to share his secrets in a book so that others could replicate his model and build their own financial freedom through such a simple and fulfilling role. 

During his time operating Cleanlots, he’s seen all kinds of competitors come and go. He’s tried and failed and learnt from every part, compiling it into a roadmap that will get you up and running in under a month. Created as an homage to his father, this is the ultimate tool to help anyone create a six figure litter removal business they can be proud of. 

It starts at just $79.95 (and there’s a free guide you can try out first!) and lays out the path from starting at square one to acquiring customers, understanding the competition, establishing a point of difference, and scaling sustainably. It even tackles the nitty gritty legal aspects of what you need to set up to save pain in the long run. 

It’s everything you need to go from managing one park to many successfully, and comes with free phone support from Brian to get one-on-one mentorship as you learn. 

The beauty of this method is that it only takes as much time as you have to give. You can begin with a full-time job, or no job at all. Brian recommends starting off with one property until you feel really confident and scaling at a rate that feels natural. He’s seen competitors grow too quickly in the past and learnt what not to do so that every company started under his teaching is sustainable and gentle instead of an overwhelming fast track to burnout.

A person puts a cardboard coffee cup into a rubbish bag using a litter pick tool.

Big mistakes to avoid while you build your business of making money by walking

In his four decades of service, Brian’s learnt a few tricks of the trade. What not to do? He warns that there are a few critical mistakes business owners can make.

The first is a lack of passion – if you don’t genuinely love being outside, this isn’t for you. The promise of wealth won’t be enough to get you through – you have to really enjoy it, otherwise you’ll be the first to run when things get difficult. You need to be doing something you’d love to do whether or not you’re getting paid, otherwise the 6 figure income will never be attainable.

The second major roadblock to success is lacking the finances required to sustain the business – and that’s where the beauty of this model comes in. Most businesses carry massive overheads – stock, rent, wages – all from the get go. Cleanlots has worked so well for so long because its overheads are so minimal. You can start it from your home, and all you need is a tool that’s easy to acquire.

The third mistake he’s seen time and time again is spending money on things CEOs want instead of need. When you’re building your litter-pick business, you don’t need to go all out on flashy advertising on buying the newest fads. The best way to grow is by utilizing the connections you already have and reaching out to local businesses directly. Embrace the cheap/free ways of getting your message out. Social media and word of mouth are two of the most powerful tools at your disposal, and they’re completely free, so start with that. Make sure you’ve created your Google My Business listing, and your Facebook profile. Find some local directories to advertise on. Set up a business page on LinkedIn. From these free methods alone, you’ll already be ahead. 

The fourth issue Brian warns against is a lack of the critical third P – patience. If you have an unrealistic time frame and think this business will be ready to pay your rent within a week, you’ll never be able to build it to a place when it can. It’s important to trust the process and go at a gentle pace, so you can build something you’ll love.

The last mistake you can make is a lack of persistence – another fateful P. You need to have the emotional stamina to push on through great adversity, and believe in your vision even when you don’t believe in yourself. If you can employ a growth mindset and always be looking for solutions instead of problems, you’ll be just fine.

Two people who are picking up litter smile down at the camera.

How to leverage an underutilized point of difference to make money while you walk

Brian has tapped into a special trick of the trade that helps his clients save money and his business become invaluable. What is it? He makes his clients’ lives easier by reporting incidents he sees of property damage, graffiti, burn out lights, and illegal dumping on site. This means they don’t have to employ somebody else to go check on it and he provides an extra service that doesn’t cost him any extra effort.

How to get started today so you can walk your way towards a six figure income in 2023

If you’re a motivated, healthy person who wants to keep things interesting, this is the perfect side hustle to supplement – or replace – your income in your senior years. Whether you’re ready to dive into the course, or just want to explore it as an option (in which case you can check out Brian’s free guide here), let’s make 2023 the year you stop doing those walks for free and start getting paid to enjoy the fresh air.

Graphic advertising the CleanLots Operations Manual book that says, "Litter removal business you can be proud of: Easy parking lot litter clean up. Earn $50,000-$100,000 a year as a one-man operation... Or have others do the work and make more! $79.97"