Denis Ristic has his sights set on retirement, but he's not giving up on helping others just yet...

How Denis Ristic of AskGamblers is preparing for retirement

by | Jan 6, 2023

Denis Ristic is the General Manager at AskGamblers, looking to retire very soon. He’s been running a highly profitable business and wants to start enjoying retirement earlier than usual, as he’s found the kind of success he’d been looking for all along: making a double 7 figures. But, he doesn’t plan on giving up the joy work can give, or missing out on a chance to give back to younger people looking to build their own success…

What is AskGamblers?

Denis Ristic is the general manager of AskGamblers, providing valuable information to visitors and leveling the playing field for all.

AskGambers is a leading online casino authority in the gambling industry. It’s the world’s largest authority for online casino reviews, ratings and complaints by real players. 

Founded in 2006, it’s a part of Catena Media. Since their inception, they’ve been dedicated to providing an easy and informative experience to their readers. 

They have coverage of over 1000 sites, complete with a full review of each, daily updates related to casino news, bonuses, promotions, as well as a reader-friendly forum. And they treat their members ethically, ensuring fair play is made a major priority.

It’s all about providing valuable information to visitors, so they can finally level the playing field. 

How Denis Ristic is gearing up for retirement

Denis has been working hard since his early days, now with a successful track record of managing and implementing high growth, online projects through effective cross-functional team management in large, complex global organizations as well as start up companies.

Denis Ristic is preparing for retirement soon, and his plans include finding ways to help young and prospecting entrepreneurs achieve success in the future

And, while retirement is starting to look pretty exciting for him, he has a few big things planned for once that time comes… 

“The vision of moving to retirement should give me joy that I will no longer have to wake up early, make plenty of influential decisions and stress about things which may not go according to plan. But it’s quite the opposite.

“I have set myself a goal, that when my bank account reaches nine digits, I will step back from my current position and officially retire, but only to pursue more business related possibilities. 

“As a big fan of The Shark Tank show, where entrepreneurs come and pitch their products to get funds in return for shares in the profit, I do want to focus my job on helping young and prospecting entrepreneurs achieve success in the future.” Denis said.

He notes that, of course, this avenue will not be as time-consuming as his current job, so he’ll still have plenty of extra free time to enjoy his hobbies, spread his wings, enjoy working independently, all while knowing that if something does not go to plan, there will be little to no consequences. 

And he’s living proof that, alongside incredible success, retirement is the perfect time to start giving back to the community, shifting his focus to the future in the form of young and prospecting entrepreneurs. 

We can only wait to see what incredible success comes in light of his eventual retirement… 

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NOTE: With mention of gambling in this article, we believe it’s important to remind our readers that gambling can be addictive; play responsibly.