How to earn money in retirement in the hospitality industry with Hospitality Works

by | Feb 10, 2023

Over the last 30 years, Hospitality Works has helped more than 700 restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos improve profits and operations through their proven consulting services and solutions. They’re here to fix what’s keeping you up at night, from staffing shortages, rising costs, bad reviews, to shrinking profits. 

And they’re currently calling all seniors and retirement-aged individuals to help save the hospitality industry – and earn good money and learn valuable skills in the process!

Why Hospitality Works is encouraging retirement-aged seniors to save the hospitality industry

Calling all seniors: earn money in retirement in the hospitality industry

There are a number of different articles about the current labor pool – or lack thereof, especially when it comes to restaurants. It has been nearly impossible to fill 50% of the job openings at many restaurants across the country. 

Izzy Kharasch, founder of Hospitality Works and a recognized expert in the field of foodservice management and consulting, experienced this himself. 

But then? He had an epiphany. 

The statement he made is one that applies to many, but definitely not all in the current job market today: young people are not showing up!

He participated in job fairs where interviews are scheduled days in advance, and every scheduled appointment is confirmed the day prior to the event, but then? No one shows up. He has done interviews, hired the person on the spot, worked out their schedule and then they didn’t show up. Or, they come to work, work for an hour or two, and then walk out never to be heard from again. 

It’s proving this Quiet Quitting trend is making things insanely impossible for quality employers who care about bringing their best to the workplace: only to realize their best won’t be matched by employees. 

But Izzy is done whining. He thinks he can solve that problem. 

How? By reaching out to the mature generation who, like Izzy, knows what it is to show up on time, work hard, enjoy interacting with guests and staff alike and then do it again the next day. 

Seniors, it’s time to set up and save the hospitality industry and have a great time doing it!

You might be saying to yourself, “I would like to help but not on a full-time basis.” Well, that’s perfect because the restaurant/hospitality business is built on utilizing a part-time staff.

You might be thinking “I don’t have any experience.” Fantastic, this is an industry that lives to train great people and Hospitality Works wants to train you

Lastly, you might be asking yourself “why would I do this”? Because it’s fun, it’s exciting, you are going to make some great friends, you are going to enjoy yourself.

How to earn money in retirement in the hospitality industry

The best part about the hospitality industry, and Hospitality Works specifically, is that there are so many different faucets that mean a variety of different jobs, responsibilities and passions to explore. 

Let’s look at just a few things you can do:

– Become A Host

Become a host in retirement and earn money in the hospitality industry

The host position is incredibly important to every restaurant, possibly even the single most important position of all. 

It’s not just about greeting the guest. It’s about welcoming the guest, making sure they experiences a safe and exciting atmosphere. They’re known as the “face” of the restaurant and the success of a restaurant starts there. 

A guest will actually leave without ever dining if the experience of a host is poor enough. However, you can create the very opposite experience too: you may have guests returning and raging on to all their friends, simply because of you. 

– Become A Prep Cook

Become a prep cook in retirement and learn incredible knife skills to show off at work and at home

Everyone loves showing off good knife skills, and now is the chance to learn how the professionals do it. A position as a prep cook is a job of instant gratification: turning vegetables and fruits into art, as well as supporting every person in the kitchen with products expertly-prepared. 

Most kitchens are thrilled to have someone in this key support role on a part-time basis, making it the perfect opportunity for retirement-aged individuals to earn money. Many senior prep cooks come in at 7:00am and are finished by 11:00am, so they’re left with the rest of their day to enjoy. 

It’s a great job for those looking to earn money in retirement in the hospitality industry!

– Learn Garde Manager

If you want to make money in retirement, learn the trade of Garde Manger and be the food keeper for the restaraunt

Retirement welcomes the age where we have a little more time to enjoy with our friends. So imagine how amazing it would be to get paid to learn Garde Manger and then show off those new skills!

Garde Manger means “Keeper of the Food” which means you’re the main person that everyone in the kitchen comes to for the cold food that you and your team have prepared. Again, this is another great part-time position where you will get to show off your new skills both at work and at home. 

It’s much easier than it seems to get started – with this desperate call for real, quality employment, all you need to do is get in contact with Hospitality Works to learn how you can get started in this industry today.

Izzy Kharash fell in love with the restaurant industry when he first worked as a dishwasher at age 15. It’s been his career for years now and, at 63, he’s excited to go into work each day in the same way he did back then. 

He believes one of the greatest benefits of the hospitality industry is that you have a fully satisfying job at your own convenience. And, when you end your shift, you’re done. No work to take home, no stress and the only thing you need to think about is what to learn tomorrow. Oh, and how to spend that extra cash!

His work in Hospitality Works has influenced restaurants to find success, and he’s now calling for seniors and retirement-aged individuals to help save the restaurant business. By rolling up their sleeves, they can earn money in retirement in the hopsitality industry – and fall in love with the job at hand. 

To learn more about how Hospitality Works can help you find your dream position in hospitality, contact him today via phone at 224-688-3512 or through email at