Shop and earn for your retirement with Lilly

by | Mar 20, 2023

Want to secure the kind of savings in retirement that make a difference to the financial freedom, security, and comfortability of your later years? Well, if you’ve got an Apple iPhone, you’re halfway there. 

Lilly: Retirement Savings is the easiest way for anyone to earn money for their retirement. With an easy sign up process, you can shop and save for your retirement in no time!

We’ve taken a deep dive into all things Lilly to help you convert your everyday purchases into a stable retirement fund. 

Retirement benefits for today’s US workforce

Lilly was designed to help everyday Americans – just like you – save for the future. 

It all came from the heart of Kepler Savings – a team who know exactly how daunting it can be to think about retirement (and exactly what happens when you don’t think about it). 
According to their “about us”, the founding team grew up in blue collar households where savings were pretty hard to come by, and retirement was an afterthought for way down the track. They watched a similar situation many Americans face, play out: their families struggling to decide whether to pay bills, or enjoy life, without having the luxury to plan for a future beyond work.

Putting money aside for retirement seems like a low priority ... until it's not.

This is a common issue for American families. As of 2022, 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with more than half saying they’re way behind on their retirement savings. 

But now is a time where there are more opportunities to save, create/build wealth than ever before (and right on your phone!). It really doesn’t have to be that tough any longer. 

The key is to find the right tool to help you set and meet your long-term retirement goals – and to make it so simple and seamless that you don’t even have to think about it. 

And that’s where Lilly comes in. 

Lilly: Retirement built for everyone

Lilly helps you find retirement rewards as you spend money on any connected debit or credit cards. Whenever you make a purchase, they’ll aim to get you anywhere from 1%-8% back that is automatically invested into your retirement savings. 

Forget about rounding up and keep your spare change in your pocket – you’ve earned it! Just set and forget it with Lilly, the perfect investing safety net you need in your life. 

With Lilly, you don’t need to be some investing genius to grow your portfolio. They’ll easily set up the best retirement investing strategy in minutes and make sure your money is going into the right investments based on your future goals – and where you’re actually at today. 

They help the average American save $100,000+ over a 30-year period without investing money out of their own pockets. 

And it all starts with a simple sign up process that takes just minutes!

  • No minimums needed to get started
  • Connect ANY credit or debit card to get retirement rewards
  • Word-class portfolios built by industry experts
  • Lower fees to give you more money toward your retirement
  • Automated to adjust to your financial goals
  • Tax-saving automation 

How to use Lilly to shop and earn for your retirement

There are so many benefits to earning with Lilly retirement savings, and it's so easy to do!

The Lilly retirement savings app is a unique tool for consumers to incorporate into their retirement plan by putting savings on autopilot. It works by connecting to any card, and investing the cash back rewards earned from each purchase into a “high-earning” portfolio. 

This means that the money – that the consumer normally doesn’t even have access to – can be put to work for you rather than simply being absorbed into your purchases. 

The app also provides insight into how the user is spending their money, so they can make changes to their habits accordingly. 

This hands-off approach makes it accessible for everyone, even those who may have zero experience running a portfolio. 

The steps to sign up are so simple too! You can set up your retirement savings in 2 minutes – just create an account, connect any credit or debit card and you’re on your way to saving for your retirement. 

“Lilly is incredibly easy to use and helps me save for retirement by finding free rewards from the purchases I’m already making. It’s easy to set and forget, and gives me peace of mind that I’m saving for retirement even when I’m not thinking about it.”

If you’re looking for an easy way to turn your everyday purchases into money for your retirement, Lilly Retirement Savings is the solution for you. It’s an easy set-and-forget method that puts your cash rewards toward a portfolio that you don’t even have to think about – all you have to do is reap the reward of a secure retirement!

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