How @mazlifestyle established a wealth-building audience at 60

How @mazlifestyle established a wealth-building audience at 60

by | Oct 12, 2023

Ever heard of the Instagram queen, @mazlifestyle? In outback Australia, she’s living her best life, married to a farmer with four beautiful children and currently helping Australian women navigate midlife with style, confidence and humor.  But how she established a wealth-building audience at the ripe age of 60 is a mystery to some!

While she’s all the way Down Under, her unique wealth-building hustle is a testament toward just how easy it CAN be to earn money in retirement. Here’s everything you need to know about how she established a wealth-building audience at 60. 

What we love about her style and approach for over 60s

Maz is a 60+ mum and now grandmother who’s made quite a name for herself online, and in her later years. Her Instagram currently sits at a whopping 116k followers, with thousands of fashion-inspired posts that provide real inspiration and assurance to women over 60 that life doesn’t have to end in your later years.

Maz posts Instagram videos on fashion, new hair tutorials and so much more for women over 60 to relate to

But it’s not just her Instagram, which is enabling her to collaborate with hundreds of well-paying brands (just to showcase how certain styles actually look on senior women), she also took a shot at blogging and now makes incredible creations at her online store, Maz Lifestyle & Design.

What we love most about her approach for over 60s is her ability to show exactly what life actually looks like. That it’s not just time to hang up your hat, lock yourself indoors, and only shop at the discount rack. That retirement can be just the very beginning, a chance to reignite your passion, and that you can make it big, no matter how old you are. 

Her fun and welcoming attitude makes a unique difference in the world of influencers and is a niche that many have been craving for some time now. 

Why “sharing and caring” – the basis of Maz’s career – has taken her to greater heights than ever before

On Maz’s old blog, she notes that “sharing is caring” is the basis of everything she does. 

Packed with a vast understanding of crafts and hobbies thanks to her mother who encouraged it, as well as a wealth of experience in her own creative exploits throughout her life, she’s had no problem sharing the secrets of her life, her fashion, and even some of her most fabulous recipes. 

And it’s done amazing things for her. 

It’s a testament to everything we say here at Earn Money in Retirement. That anyone can start up a side hustle and see great success, no matter where they’re currently at in life. And, more importantly, the best thing you can do for yourself is think about what you’re really passionate about and go with it. 

Through a simple blog, a content-packed Instagram, and an online store, she’s raking in thousands of followers and has worked with big brands like Birdsnest, Cienna Designs, Blue Illusion and so much more. 

But how exactly did she do it?

If we break it down, it’s pretty simple. She took advantage of the platform and didn’t hold back in leaping into posting whatever she found interesting.

Maz posts literally anything and everything that's relevant, even the occasional vent or two!

And in the world of influencers, we’re really not surprised by the kind of success she’s seeing. There’s a real hunger for fashion influencers seen wearing real brand items so individuals can be certain that whatever brand they want to buy for, that the quality really is there. 

Think about it like this: as a woman over 60, how hard is it for you to find styles that actually look good on? And how rewarding is it for you to see real brands, real clothes, and real styles as worn by someone just like you?

It really is that easy. 

How-to replicate @mazlifestyle’s unique business model 

So, how should you go about replicating this wealth-building audience at 60? Well, the first thing to consider is your niche. But from there, your main focus is regular posting, building an audience that LOVES what you do, and negotiating brand deals with skill.

Here’s how: 

How to set yourself up to post regularly

Ladies Stay Physically Active While Establishing A Wealth Building Audience

Ever thought of becoming a part-time fitness instructor? Ever consider taking photographs of the views you get on your hikes and selling them for money (yes, you can do that right here!)? 

The best part about staying physically active while building wealth is that physical activity can dramatically improve your overall health, well-being, sleep, energy, and more. Meaning there’s more life and more room for good things too!

Action Step: Look for ways to incorporate fitness into your life and/or wealth-building 

Prioritize Self-Care

Even the Iron Nun knows the value of rest days. It’s essential for everyone to keep a balanced life where work, family and self-care can coexist in harmony. But especially in retirement. Don’t forget to prioritize your self-care in your wealth-building journey. It may not sound like the adventure you’re looking for, but it’ll lend into so many beautiful experiences (and the presence to enjoy them too!)

Action Step: schedule regular self-care rituals—whether it’s a spa day, meditation, or even a simple walk in the park.

Your Challenge Awaits

While you might not become an Ironman triathlete (but, who knows, maybe you will!) your quest for a challenge to build wealth can be just as thrilling – believe me! Use this newfound free time to dive back into the world of exciting projects, investments and self-improvement. 

Because retirement doesn’t have to mean the end. 

If the Iron Nun can compete in triathlons at 80, you can definitely conquer your financial goals in style and thrill. Your vast experience, combined with the freedom retirement offers, makes for an exhilarating mix of opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Your challenge awaits!

Ready to go from bored to boss? Start your journey towards wealth and personal growth today. You’ve got this!
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