Women’s Wealth Building for the Adventurous Retiree

by | Sep 26, 2023

Retired women: it’s time to band together and admit we’re yearning for that challenge. Yearning to achieve the kind of success that greats like the Iron Nun did – who defied age and set athletic records. Yearning to make more of your life, after spending years having built an empire. 

First off – here’s a quick shoutout to you for refusing to let retirement dampen your spirit. 

It’s more than common to feel restless when you’re accustomed to the hustle and grind, when you’ve already achieved great success through a number of businesses. 

And, while becoming an Ironman triathlete overnight might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can certainly channel that same energy into wealth-building endeavors that are fun, rewarding, and break up the monotony of retirement. While padding you for many enjoyable years to come!

Here’s our guide to women’s wealth building for the adventurous retiree!

Meet the Iron Nun: Your Inspiration

So, we mentioned the Iron Nun. But why?

Madonna Buder, more commonly known as the “Iron Nun” completed her first Ironman triathlon at the ripe age of 55, and she hasn’t stopped since. We took a deep dive into the details of her delayed success here, if you’d like to learn more. 

Now, you may not want to run a marathon tomorrow, may not even care to take up walking, but in the spirit of the Iron Nun – relentless, fearless, and ceaselessly challenging herself – is something we can all incorporate into our lives. 

And our financial journeys too. 

She’s an inspiration for women’s wealth building for the adventurous retiree, even if her story isn’t about wealth.

Looking at life as a never-ending goal post, in the best way possible. Where, no matter how stagnant you feel, no matter what incredible heights you’ve achieved, there’s still so much more out there for you. The options really ARE endless. 

Make Retirement Your Next Business Venture

You’ve run businesses before, you’ve climbed the ladder before, and you’ve achieved greatness before. 

(And yes, we see you too. The women who haven’t reached capital success but HAVE grown, and developed, and still held hope and kindness in their hearts. That’s a win too!)

So, why not treat retirement as your next business venture?

Develop a “business plan” for your retirement, outlining your goals. Of course, jot down the ones regarding wealth-building, but don’t forget to include a few things that just mean something to you. Maybe you do want to go on a walk. Maybe you want to learn to play the clarinet. Jot down all of your goals, and then outline the “investments” – both time and money – needed to achieve them. 

Who knows, maybe you could even get together with the girls and do it together!

Make Retirement Your Next Business Venture

Action step: develop a retirement “business plan”. 

Spice Up Your Investment Portfolio

You know your investment strategies don’t retire just because you do? Revisit your portfolio and consider diversifying into ventures that excite you. Have you ever thought about angel investing in a start-up that you believe in, or even getting into real estate?

Even if you don’t have investments currently, put it into consideration. Even if you only invest a small amount, or only invest in small local projects, there’s still rewards to reap – even if they’re mostly philanthropic. 

Action step: research exciting investment opportunities and consider consulting a financial advisor for ideas. 

The Gig Economy: Your Playground

Ever heard of the “gig economy”? It’s defined as a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts, or freelance work, as opposed to the traditional permanent jobs. 

And, in the current world today, the gig economy is thriving. With platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Etsy, there really is a gig for nearly every skill and interest. From consulting to crafting, if you can find what lights your fire, you can easily make a bit more money. 

Before we go any deeper, we want to remind you that you don’t have to have millions in investments and an entire, seamless business and website to sell your knitted products with hopes of making thousands. It can be as simple as investing a small amount into some things, and using whatever you’re good at to pull in a few extra dollars a week. 

It shouldn’t be about grinding yourself to the bone, it should just be about having fun and stretching out your limbs to see what you can incorporate into your life, in an easy and realistic, but still challenging, way that really works for you. 

The Gig Economy: the playground for women looking for a challenge in retirement

Action Step: list your skills and interests, then match them to potential gigs.

Get Social and Make Money

You’ve got a lifetime of experiences and, likely, a pretty good gift of the gab. Why not start a blog, podcast, or even a YouTube channel sharing stories, offering advice, and monetize your platform through sponsorships and affiliate marketing?

Based on the years you’ve been on this planet, you have a wealth of insight that can be useful to many.

And it doesn’t have to be all business either. Remember that list of passions or goals you want to enjoy? Let’s say one of them was to start gardening. You could start up a blog, podcast, or TikTok sharing your progress, what you’re learning as you’re going, and develop basic tips that would have helped you. 

It’s one of those things that can be really tough and jarring when you think about the big picture. But when you consider your interests and how you can easily spend a few minutes a day to max out your earnings, things become not just more beneficial, but fun too! 

Just imagine what you could learn by teaching others … 

Action Step: identify your niche and the medium that best suits your style.

Stay Physically Active While Making Money

Remember the Iron Nun? Yes, we’re going to spend a quick moment to return to her sentiment. Have you ever considered staying physically active while making money, too?

Ladies Stay Physically Active While Making Money

Ever thought of becoming a part-time fitness instructor? Ever consider taking photographs of the views you get on your hikes and selling them for money (yes, you can do that right here!)? 

The best part about staying physically active while building wealth is that physical activity can dramatically improve your overall health, well-being, sleep, energy, and more. Meaning there’s more life and more room for good things too!

Action Step: Look for ways to incorporate fitness into your life and/or wealth-building 

Prioritize Self-Care

Even the Iron Nun knows the value of rest days. It’s essential for everyone to keep a balanced life where work, family and self-care can coexist in harmony. But especially in retirement. Don’t forget to prioritize your self-care in your wealth-building journey. It may not sound like the adventure you’re looking for, but it’ll lend into so many beautiful experiences (and the presence to enjoy them too!)

Action Step: schedule regular self-care rituals—whether it’s a spa day, meditation, or even a simple walk in the park.

Your Challenge Awaits

While you might not become an Ironman triathlete (but, who knows, maybe you will!) your quest for a challenge to build wealth can be just as thrilling – believe me! Use this newfound free time to dive back into the world of exciting projects, investments and self-improvement, with women’s wealth building for the adventurous retiree.

Because retirement doesn’t have to mean the end.

If the Iron Nun can compete in triathlons at 80, you can definitely conquer your financial goals in style and thrill. Your vast experience, combined with the freedom retirement offers, makes for an exhilarating mix of opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Your challenge awaits!

Ready to go from bored to boss? Start your journey towards wealth and personal growth today. You’ve got this!
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